The CASH Coalition’s members work with and on behalf of 9 million smallholder, indigenous, and other local communities who collectively steward 6 million hectares of land and 10 million hectares of forests.

Acceso’s mission is to create fundamental and lasting positive economic change in the lives of rural smallholder farming families.

CAP-A is a public benefit organization working to unlock Africa’s potential as a global hub for climate action, underpinned by a new climate-smart model for economic growth and inclusive livelihoods.

Conexsus is a nonprofit organization committed to developing a low-carbon economy and ecosystem that leverages community businesses with social and environmental impact to promote local development, biodiversity, and sustainable agriculture and protect forests and biomes.

Forest Trends pioneers innovative finance for conservation to promote and sustain resilient ecosystems, healthy forests, sustainable agriculture, clean water, robust climate action, protected biodiversity, and strong communities.

Mafisa works with pastoralists in Zambia to restore traditional cattle livelihoods, based on improved productivity and widespread use of climate-smart regenerative management.

Proximity Designs is a social business with a mission to increase incomes across rural Myanmar by designing and delivering affordable, income-boosting products that complement the entrepreneurial spirit of rural families.

Babban Gona uses unique technology platforms to make smallholder farming more profitable, creating millions of jobs for Nigerian youth, interrupting the root causes of violence, stimulating strong economic growth, and alleviating the migration problem.

Comaco promotes climate-smart agriculture among smallholder farmers to protect wildlife and promote sustainability. Comaco’s mission is to build relationships between farmers and nature to thrive at scale and protect entire ecosystems.

Digital Green is a global development organization that empowers smallholder farmers to lift themselves out of poverty by harnessing the collective power of technology and grassroots-level partnerships.

Landesa works to break cycles of poverty by ensuring that all women and men who depend on land have secure, legal land rights.

One Acre Fund supplies African smallholder farmers with the tools and financing they need to grow their way out of hunger and poverty.

Root Capital grows rural prosperity and builds the resilience of farming families around the world by providing credit, capacity building, and market linkages to small and growing agricultural businesses.

SEKEM works towards a future where every human being can unfold their individual potential; where mankind lives together in social forms reflecting human dignity; and where all economic activity is conducted in accordance with ecological and ethical principles.


Encourage Capital is an investment firm that seeks to change the way investment capital is used to solve critical environmental and social problems. Encourage Capital works with a community of investors, foundations, market-leading companies and non-profits to deploy private capital into systemic solutions to generate compelling investment returns and social and environmental impacts for our investors.

Precision Development (PxD) is a global non-profit organization that harnesses technology, data science, and behavioral economics to build digital services that empower people to change their own lives.

Member testimonials

Acceso joined CASH because of the Coalition’s commitment to farmer profitability as a prerequisite and pivotal driver in scaling regenerative agriculture. This commitment is aligned with Acceso’s understanding that without stable, secure, and profitable incomes, we cannot expect farmers to advance other critical agendas, including climate change mitigation. We are excited to join hands with equally committed and mission-aligned organizations to make progress on transitioning food systems to regenerative agriculture.

Rob Johnson, Chief Executive Officer, Acceso

One Acre Fund joined the CASH Coalition to be part of a transformative effort to bring climate action to smallholder farmer clients led by the largest coalition of agricultural social enterprises in the world. Together we are far more likely to break down the barriers we confront in accessing climate finance, knowledge, and policy change and enable meaningful climate action at scale.

John Mundy, Director of Global Partnerships, One Acre Fund

CASH Coalition will accelerate Root Capital’s learning and action agenda and our ambition to catalyze a carbon payment ecosystem that rewards smallholders and small agribusinesses for combatting climate change. We know that farmers and agricultural businesses cannot finance their way to climate resilience. Carbon payments can be used to finance investments for greater climate action — and CASH will help us get there. 

Willy Foote, Founder and CEO, Root Capital

The CASH Coalition gives us a unique opportunity to tell the Nigerian story about how innovation and advanced technologies have improved smallholder farmer resilience and promoted adaptation to climate change while driving environmentally sustainable growth and creating new opportunities for youth employment and entrepreneurship in the agricultural sector.

Seun Agbebi, Environmental, Social & Governance Manager, Babban Gona